Paratge St. Martí nº 2 · Puigcerdà, Cerdanya



An authentic rural experience

Mas Po dates from 1850 when a family from Barcelona, ​​like so many others, came to Cerdanya to spend their summertime and had this farmhouse built. A few years later, around 1900, the Carrera family bought Mas Po and began trading cattle and engaging in agriculture. This farmhouse with almost 200 years of history has given home to 6 generations of the Carrera family, which has maintained the farm by carrying out various agricultural and livestock activities.

At 2012 we, Aurelie and Jordina, decided to continue with the family business with the main objective of preserving our historical heritage. It was very hurting to think that this farmhouse would cease to be what it had been for so many years and so many generations, so we took heart and today we are still standing preserving everything we believe to be an authentic way of life.

Over the years we have learned the farmer's trade and we are convinced that we have an obligation to preserve all this rural knowledge and make it grow, sharing and creating synergies with other people who love the region as much as we do.

We liked what we were doing, but we saw that it was not economically sustainable, since the small farm we have was not enough to guarantee the subsistence of the family. In 2017 we made the decision to give Mas Po a new life by building an ecological and sustainable rural tourism where we can show people the simple life of a farmer, and that another lifestyle is possible if we listen to the land and observe our environment.

Our objective is to make society aware that a different consumption model is possible and that we should all do it together, since the earth suffers an abuse of its natural resources and we are not aware that without nature and biodiversity we cannot exist.

It also makes us very happy to see how the people around us, as well as our guests, appreciate all the effort we make every day to preserve everything that all our ancestors have built for so many decades. Without our past history and our memories, we could not move forward to preserve our natural and human heritage.

Mas Po farmhouse

In 2019 we open the doors of our country house to guests who want to experience a natural rural lifestyle.


An old barn of the house that has been renovated in a simple and warm way with the aim of having a pleasant and quiet stay.


Small family farm dedicated to livestock and organic farming.


Breakfast with products from the territory and from km0, from proximity and also made by ourselves.


Located in Puigcerdà village, capital of Cerdanya region and surrounded by a natural area within the most important town in the valley.

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